Designs for VIC Hispanic Club
Designs for the VIC Hispanic Club

My designs for the VIC Hispanic Club are already at their web page and I’m so proud, they look pretty cool.

I have designed the logo for the Cinema Cycle and also the promotional poster, with the illustration included, for their first film projection.

I decided to use the yellow color because it transmit happiness and fun which is directly related, I personally think, with cinema and film projections. I think the result is what I expected. Don’t you think?

Hope you like it and hope to keep working with this team!

VIC Hispanic Club

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Gift Box · This Christmas you deserve more than a pair of socks!

I have designed this gift box especially for those people who, like me, don’t like the conventional gift paper and want to be different and original people!

It’s so easy to make it but to make it more easy (if it’s possible) here you have a video tutorial.

If you want to download the high quality file, you just have to suscribe to my blog list (at the end of the post) and you will see automatically the pdf.

It’s for free, really easy and I’m not going to disturb you with stupid advertisements! I promise! 🙂

You can download the design here: Christmas Box Design


Illustrate your world & Vectorize an illustration

This is a progress video which shows how I use to transform a pencil illustration into a vectorized illustration. Normally I work with vectors in Illustrator and then I add the colors with Photoshop.

What I used?

  • Adobe Illustrator.
  • Adobe Photoshop.
  • Lot of coffee (I’m addicted to this…).
  • Lot of good music (I can’t imagine drawing without music!).
  • Imagination (close your eyes and let the unicorns work).
  • Motivation (Yes, you can with this and more!).

P.S.: I’ve made this illustration for the brand Wanderlar and if you like travel as I do (I’m travel addicted), you will love Wanderlar! You can find more information here and more illustrations on my Web page or on my Instagram 🙂