Character Design. Part 1 – Carolina

kids character design faces expressions

I’m working in a kids book and it takes me a lot of time but I have to say it’s being fun and I’m learning a lot. I’m learning from kids but also, I’m learning a little bit more of drawing and I’m refreshing my technique.

First of all, I want to introduce you to Carolina. She’s the main character. Designing characters is for me the funniest part of working on a book. I love to draw all the skills, feelings, actitudes and thoughts that I have wrote first to construct then a character.


Carolina is a different girl in her school. She doesn’t like the same things that her friends use to love. She doesn’t like dolls and also, she doesn’t like pink. Carolina doesn’t understand why pink has to be a girls color. And another important thing, she never care about her hair or her appearance in general. She thinks there are much more important things than that.

I had to represent all this things just drawing so I decided to design a little bit unkempt character to show she doesn’t care about her appearance. A girl who’s wearing a t-shirt with a pirate-bear and of course, a happy face to show she is really happy with all that.
The book’s name will be “I’m a girl and I don’t like pink” and it will be also available in spanish “Soy niña y no me gusta el rosa“.

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