Wedding Weekly Planner · Free download printable


The bells ring and the flowers grow. The wedding season comes with the spring season.
And there is a lot to do. Many last minute details. Gifts, guests, hairdresser, restaurant, etc. There are many things to do and you cannot forget anything.
Download for free this weekly organizer and organize as a professional the last weeks before your wedding! Practical and beautiful Isn’t it?

You can download the English Weekly Planner here:  English Weekly Planner

And the Spanish version here: Spanish Weekly Planner











Weekly Planner · Free download printable

Summer is officially gone and Autumn it’s already here. But don’t be sad, September and fall are synonymous with “new challenges”. After summer it is

time for new motivations and hard work.

To help my followers and friends to stay motivated and organized in fall season, I created this autumnal Weekly Planner. It’s a gift, it’s free and it’s for you!
I wish you all a happy Autumn!

You can download the Weekly Planner here: Autumn Weekly Planner





New Illustration Technique

I have just discovered this illustration technique. It is a new one for me and it combines watercolors and pencils. It is the first time I use them together and I’m really impressed with the result. Check it out in my progress video:

What did I use?

  • Polychromos Pencils (Faber-Castell)
  • Watercolors (Schmincke)
  • Watercolor Paper 300g (Canson)

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Shaping my new brand for kids

I love and enjoy creating illustrations for kids. So, I am preparing the launch of a new brand.
Last months, I have been imaging a new world of animals, monsters and magic, which are ready to be shaped in new products.
This project will be easier to evaluate using channels like Etsy and fulfillment companies like Printaura
Still there is a lot to be done, but it is time to make many kids happy with my ideas.
For the moment, I reveal my cute racoon, which will be part of the kids room decoration kit. Do you like it?

How I enjoyed drawing human-animals

During last months, I have been drawing only animals. Not common ones, but animals behaving like humans. And it is so much fun. I love it! What could be funnier than a ostrich playing a saxophone?

I have enjoyed like a kid. The fact is that I don’t remember drawing animals since school.

It is my second time illustrating a book about Fallas, a regional fest in Valencia (Spain). We wanted to do something different and funny, so we found hilarious to illustrate the book with human-animals. Animals taking part in all the events of this fest.
The result was amazing and people loved it!

The illustrations were created using Adobe Illustrator and were filled up with Adobe Photoshop like I show in my previous post.

To illustrate a book with coherence, you have to create your own color palette.
To make it, as always, I used some Pantone colors. I always read news from my lovely Pantone to know which colors are trendy and I use them in my designs.

You can choose one or two colors and then create your own palette with this Adobe tool:

Create your own palette

I have enjoyed a lot and have improved my skills drawing animals. So I recommend all of you to draw animals behaving like humans! You will enjoy for sure! I promise 🙂

You can find more illustrations from this book here.


Character Design. Part 1 – Carolina

I’m working in a kids book and it takes me a lot of time but I have to say it’s being fun and I’m learning a lot. I’m learning from kids but also, I’m learning a little bit more of drawing and I’m refreshing my technique.

First of all, I want to introduce you to Carolina. She’s the main character. Designing characters is for me the funniest part of working on a book. I love to draw all the skills, feelings, actitudes and thoughts that I have wrote first to construct then a character.


Carolina is a different girl in her school. She doesn’t like the same things that her friends use to love. She doesn’t like dolls and also, she doesn’t like pink. Carolina doesn’t understand why pink has to be a girls color. And another important thing, she never care about her hair or her appearance in general. She thinks there are much more important things than that.

I had to represent all this things just drawing so I decided to design a little bit unkempt character to show she doesn’t care about her appearance. A girl who’s wearing a t-shirt with a pirate-bear and of course, a happy face to show she is really happy with all that.
The book’s name will be “I’m a girl and I don’t like pink” and it will be also available in spanish “Soy niña y no me gusta el rosa“.

Designs for VIC Hispanic Club
Designs for the VIC Hispanic Club

My designs for the VIC Hispanic Club are already at their web page and I’m so proud, they look pretty cool.

I have designed the logo for the Cinema Cycle and also the promotional poster, with the illustration included, for their first film projection.

I decided to use the yellow color because it transmit happiness and fun which is directly related, I personally think, with cinema and film projections. I think the result is what I expected. Don’t you think?

Hope you like it and hope to keep working with this team!

VIC Hispanic Club

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Gift Box · This Christmas you deserve more than a pair of socks!

I have designed this gift box especially for those people who, like me, don’t like the conventional gift paper and want to be different and original people!

It’s so easy to make it but to make it more easy (if it’s possible) here you have a video tutorial.

If you want to download the high quality file, you just have to suscribe to my blog list (at the end of the post) and you will see automatically the pdf.

It’s for free, really easy and I’m not going to disturb you with stupid advertisements! I promise! 🙂

You can download the design here: Christmas Box Design


Illustrate your world & Vectorize an illustration

This is a progress video which shows how I use to transform a pencil illustration into a vectorized illustration. Normally I work with vectors in Illustrator and then I add the colors with Photoshop.

What I used?

  • Adobe Illustrator.
  • Adobe Photoshop.
  • Lot of coffee (I’m addicted to this…).
  • Lot of good music (I can’t imagine drawing without music!).
  • Imagination (close your eyes and let the unicorns work).
  • Motivation (Yes, you can with this and more!).

P.S.: I’ve made this illustration for the brand Wanderlar and if you like travel as I do (I’m travel addicted), you will love Wanderlar! You can find more information here and more illustrations on my Web page or on my Instagram 🙂